Easy beef korma curry

Lighten up hearty winter curries like beef korma with a few healthy swaps. It’s still just as easy to make, and as comforting to devour!

425 calories per serve

Allergens: Recipe may contain tree nut, mustard, milk and lactose.

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15 Ingredients

  • 1 tbs extra virgin olive oil

  • 600g beef oyster blade steak, excess fat trimmed, cut into 2cm pieces

  • 2 large carrots, peeled, cut into 2cm pieces

  • 1 large brown onion, cut into thin wedges

  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed

  • 2 tbsp gluten-free korma curry paste

  • 1 cinnamon stick

  • 400g can diced tomatoes

  • 400g can chickpeas, rinsed, drained

  • 150g green beans, trimmed, halved crossways

  • 80g baby spinach

  • 90g (1/3 cup) natural yoghurt

  • 2 tbsp cashews, toasted, coarsely chopped

  • Fresh curry leaves, to serve

  • Lime wedges, to serve

4 Method Steps

  • Step 1

    Preheat oven to 170C/150C fan forced. Heat half the oil

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    (1 tbs extra virgin olive oil) in a large flameproof casserole dish over high heat. Add the beef (600g beef oyster blade steak, excess fat trimmed, cut into 2cm pieces) and cook, turning, for 2-3 minutes or until browned. Transfer to a plate.

  • Step 2

    Add the remaining oil to the dish and heat over medium heat. Add the carrot (2 large carrots, peeled, cut into 2cm pieces) and onion (1 large brown onion, cut into thin wedges). Cook, stirring, for 6-7 minutes or until the mixture softens. Add the garlic (2 garlic cloves, crushed) and curry paste (2 tbsp gluten-free korma curry paste). Cook, stirring, for 1-2 minutes or until aromatic. Add the cinnamon (1 cinnamon stick), tomatoes (400g can diced tomatoes) and 300ml water. Stir until combined then bring to the boil.

  • Step 3

    Return the beef to the dish and cover. Bake for 1 hour 20 minutes. Add the chickpeas (400g can chickpeas, rinsed, drained) and beans (150g green beans, trimmed, halved crossways). Stir until combined. Cover and bake for a further 20 minutes or until the beef is very tender. Remove and discard the cinnamon.

  • Step 4

    Add the spinach (80g baby spinach) and stir until wilted. Top the curry with the yoghurt (90g (1/3 cup) natural yoghurt) then sprinkle with the cashews (2 tbsp cashews, toasted, coarsely chopped) and curry leaves (Fresh curry leaves, to serve). Serve with lime wedges (Lime wedges, to serve).
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