Cheeseboard Christmas tree

This easy cheesy tree will bring the fun to your Christmas table! We took the 70s pineapple hedgehog and shaped a cone out of the pineapple to secure our tasty bites. Try using different flavoured cheeses to make your nibble tower the ultimate appetiser.

Allergens: Recipe may contain milk and lactose.

7 Ingredients

  • 1 pineapple

  • Assorted hard cheeses, such as flavoured cheddars and aged Red Leicester (see notes)

  • 220g tub baby bocconcini, drained

  • 125g brie, cut into small wedges

  • 125g packet tiny toms tomatoes

  • 15 pitted Sicilian olives

  • Fresh rosemary sprigs, to serve

3 Method Steps

  • Step 1

    Use a sharp knife to cut the top and bottom off the pineapple
    (1 pineapple)
    . Stand upright then cut off the skin. Trim the pineapple into a cone shape

  • Step 2

    Cut some of the hard cheeses
    (Assorted hard cheeses, such as flavoured cheddars and aged Red Leicester (see notes))
    into 2cm cubes. Cut the remaining into 1cm-thick slices. Use a 3cm star-shaped pastry cutter to cut stars from the slices and a 5cm star-shaped pastry cutter to cut 1 star to decorate the top of the pineapple tree.

  • Step 3

    Thread the hard cheese cubes and 3cm stars, bocconcini
    (220g tub baby bocconcini, drained)
    , brie
    (125g brie, cut into small wedges)
    , tomatoes
    (125g packet tiny toms tomatoes)
    and Sicilian olives
    (15 pitted Sicilian olives)
    onto toothpicks. Use the toothpicks to secure to the pineapple, starting from the bottom and working your way around then up the pineapple until covered. Fill any gaps with rosemary sprigs
    (Fresh rosemary sprigs, to serve)
    . Thread the 5cm cheese star onto a toothpick then secure to the top of the pineapple Christmas tree to serve.
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Recipe Notes

The tree looks best when you have a variety of hard cheeses, so go for 4-5 different coloured and flavoured blocks (you will need 750-850g in total). Here, we love Hunter Belle Cranberry & Pistachio cheddar, Warrnambool Heritage Red Bell Pepper cheddar and Bodalla Handcrafted Cheddar Outback Saltbush. But you can use any cheddars or any combination of hard cheeses you like.

Image by Tracy Rutherford And Craig Wall

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