Air fryer hash brown garlic “bread”

We love a good hash brown hack (have you seen our hash brown toastie or hash brown lasagne?). This time around we’ve loaded 1kg of hash browns with garlic butter and lots and lots of cheese to create this savoury beauty. It’s like garlic bread, but potatoey and crispy.

Allergens: Recipe may contain tree nuts, milk, sesame, egg and lactose.

4 Ingredients

  • 1kg frozen hash browns

  • 75g bought garlic butter, at room temperature

  • 85g (3/4 cup) coarsely grated mozzarella

  • Chopped fresh continental parsley leaves, to serve

3 Method Steps

  • Step 1

    Spread 1 side of each hash brown
    (1kg frozen hash browns)
    with garlic butter
    (75g bought garlic butter, at room temperature)

  • Step 2

    Arrange hash browns on a baking tray. Sprinkle each hash brown with 1 tbsp cheese. Gently press to secure cheese to the hash brown. Place 3 hash browns, butter-side up, in the base of a 1.5L, 6cm-deep, 14cm x 19cm (base size) ovenproof dish. Arrange remaining hash browns, crossways on their side, on top.

  • Step 3

    Cook in air fryer at 190C for 8 minutes or until hash browns are light golden. Sprinkle with remaining cheese and cook for a further 4-7 minutes or until cheese is melted and hash browns are cooked through. Sprinkle with parsley
    (Chopped fresh continental parsley leaves, to serve)
    to serve.
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